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Pine Tree

Patterned and
Remanufactured Lumber 


We offer Shiplap patterns in many varieties including surfaced on 4 sides, circle sawn, and nickel gap (fine line). These patterns are available in Pine, Spruce, Douglas fir, and Cedar (when available). Commonly used for siding and paneling.

Beveled Siding

Circle Sawn Shiplap Siding

Available in Pine, Douglas Fir, Spruce, and Cedar (when available).

Tongue & Groove

We currently offer a WP4 pattern for your tongue and groove needs. Available in Pine, Douglas Fir, and Cedar (when available).

Douglas Fir Flooring

Log Siding

Get some log siding in varieties including smooth, hand hewn, and shiplap. We offer tree species including Pine, Douglas Fir, Spruce, and Cedar when available.

Hand Hewn Log Siding


We offer flooring materials in varieties including smooth and circle sawn options. Our species for flooring include Pine, Blue Pine, Douglas Fir, and Spruce.

Blue Pine Flooring

Timber Siding

Our Timber Siding is currently offered in hand hewn, smooth, shiplap, square edge, and v-edge varieties.

Hand Hewn Timber Siding Paneling

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