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Unique / Rare Lumber

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This lumber is in limited availability, since these trees are generally not turned into lumber. Boards from these tree species are known for their distinctive features, including unique grains, patterns, textures, colors, and density, making them highly prized and sought after by woodworkers, furniture makers, etc. 

For example, trees like Russian Olive, Blue Pine, and Aspen are known for their deep, rich colors and striking grain patterns. 

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, this lumber also provides exceptional quality and durability. Due to the limited supply of these trees, they are generally not commercially harvested and therefore generally not available.

Treetop from Below

Currently Available

Russian Olive 

Since its introduction into this country the Russian Olive has spread out considerably to the point where it has become listed as a noxious weed in many states. Russian olive trees are small to medium-sized trees, typically growing up to 30 feet in height. They have become a source of food and cover for much wildlife. We have been able to harvest many trees above their average size and continue to make them available. They are known for their distinctive silvery-gray foliage and fragrant yellow flowers, which bloom in the spring and summer. The wood of the Russian olive tree is known for its striking grain patterns, which feature swirling waves of light and dark colors. It is a hard, dense wood that is very difficult to obtain due to its dangerous thorns, and bushy limb structure making it difficult to obtain.

Blue Pine

As we are milling ponderosa and lodge pole pine we occasionally come across lumber with blue colors (sometimes a variety of other colors). This lumber is sorted from the non-blue lumber and is sometimes referred to as beetle killed pine. 


Aspen (Quaking Aspen) like the Russian Olive is not easily acquired in the Big Horn Basin area. Due to its limited availability and generally smaller size we've found it to be an excellent choice for trim, furniture, cabinetry, and much more. 


Once Elm trees have been taken down throughout Wyoming we collect the trees, mill them, and are left with beautiful Elm wood. It is a fairly dense wood and has many great uses.

Eastern Red Cedar

Eastern Red Cedar is available here, known for its aroma and bright red color.

Russian Olive Hardwood Lumber
Aspen lumber
Elm Wood and Lumber

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