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Welcome to Great Divide Wood Products. We provide a wide variety of wood products. 

Rough Cut Lumber
Pine and Douglas Fir Wood
Firewood, Fence Posts
Hand-peeled/hewn log siding,
Unique and Rare Russian Olive
Blue Pine Live Edge
Post and Pole Logs

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Tongue and Groove, Flooring, Siding, Patterned
Green Forest

Live Edge Slabs

Live edge natural wood slabs

Patterned and Remanufactured Lumber

Patterened Tongue and Groove panneling and siding lumber

Rough Cut Lumber

Full Dimensional rough cut lumber

Unique / Rare Wood

special lumber

Specialty Beams

Wood mantels and beams

Rough Cut Lumber

If you are looking for a better deal on your wood, then rough cut lumber is the way to go. You get more wood and for less. Choose the custom dimensions you need. Also, the wood is sourced directly from Wyoming and includes full dimensions (2x6 is 2"x6"). 

Saw Mill

Patterned & Remanufactured Lumber

Includes your traditional finished lumber, tongue and groove, siding and paneling, flooring and decking , and much more. We have a four sided planer, and often take requests for custom planed sides. 

Unique / Rare Lumber

Four 4- Sided Moulder Planer

This is not your traditional supply of lumber. We have a wide variety of hardwood and softwood lumber you can't find anywhere else in the Big Horn Basin. If you are looking for a more fancy wood look, you'll find interest in what we have to offer. This wood is great for arts and crafts. 

Unique special lumber wood in wyoming

Live Edge Slabs

Live edge slabs are pieces of wood that include their natural outside edge. They are typically used in woodworking projects such as furniture making, countertops, bar tops, and decorative wall hangings, and much more. The natural beauty of the wood, with all its unique characteristics, is a popular choice for those looking to create a rustic or natural aesthetic. 

Great Divide Wood Products Offers a great selection of live edge slabs with multiple tree species and sizes available.


Specialty Beams

We provide wood beams in multiple wood varieties. We have a wide variety of sizes. They are often used for fireplace mantels, ceiling beams. furniture, and much more! 

Wood Tenons

Join pieces together using tenons. Often used in the creation of log beds, railings, and many similar applications.

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